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Reyes, I''ll post a reply here as the purpose of a bulletin board is for everyone to benefit from each contributor''s comments...

The basic question you''re posing is whether you can move the boat eastbound, south of (most of) the hurricane belt, during summer weather. Despite the lessened easterly winds of this season, this is still a tough route and those boats that manage it often must resort to coastal hopping along the Columbian & Venezuelan coastlines, neither of which is problem free (re: boardings). The prevaling easterly wind & current remains in place, and keep in mind weather can be especially difficult off the Columbian coast due to mountain ''channeling'' of the Trades. Still, it''s doable. Try to get a copy of the Latitude 38 or Caribbean Compass issues that recently described this route.

The alternative that even many larger/stronger cruising boats find they must use is to sail NE and make their easting via Jamaica, Hispanola and Puerto Rico, which takes you right into the typical summer hurricane pathway. Not recommended.

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