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CS 27 Manual

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is there anyone in this comunity that had a cs 27 user manual in pdf i am looking for one for quite a while

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I don't believe there is a manual for the CS27
try contacting Peter Tielen at Holland Marine. 905-891-1639 They have all the CS parts inventory from the factory. He might be able to help
I was told several times that there was never a CS 27 manual.


What do you want to know? I can answer any questions you have as can others.
Re: CS 27 Manual rigging help

Hi. This thread caught my eye. I recently changed my forestry for the cs27 and the yard put the mast back up ands it rather loose front to back. The cs30 manual says about 8inches of take is appropriate... ie the main halyard hanging down and being approx 8 inches away from the base of the mast..

Is that a good guage for the 27. I really don't know how much rake to apply. Any help would be great.
8 inches sounds like a lot, but what do I know. A plumb halyard on mine give me zero rake.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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