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I have started the process of updating my mainsheet traveler, and wondered if anyone else has done the same. I wanted a new traveler because the original Lewmar track car was supported with wheels, which are somewhat worn, making the traveler difficult to adjust for with any significant wind pressure, particularly for my wife. Using the cabin top winches is difficult without getting an override on the winch, although I guess I could have added a series of blocks to route the traveler lines lower.

I looked at several different travelers, and finally settled on the new Garhauer unit, which has a long car that will distribute the substantial force of this mid-boom traveler over a greater length, and the "no-tangle" lines are attractive given the traveler location. I also likes several others, but this was a personal choice. Unfortunately, I need to change the track for any of the new travelers I wanted, and I really want to use all the old bolt-holes through the cabin roof. Gauhauer will drill the holes to match my old track holes, so I first had to remove the track to send it in.

This project is intimidating to me because the track is mounted ahead of the companionway, and on top of the large, one-piece deck cover. Removing the track required removing the companionway rails, then removing the entire deck cover. The 4 long bolts through the cabin top were difficult to access, but not too bad. The remaining bolts could only be accessed by removing the deck cover, which I did today. The construction and support for the deck cover and traveler track is interesting.

Hopefully putting everything back together will not be too difficult, but I would welcome any advice from someone who has done this before. If I run into problems, I'll try the CSOA listserve as well, but so far, no surprises.
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