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CT to Shelter Island

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Hi All- I just purchased a seaworthy 1980 Catalina 25' near bridgeport CT and need to sail her to a mooring on Shelter Island. Any tips on how long this might take and the best way to round Orient? thanks.
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Thanks Bene505, I will call you in the next couple of days once we have a more solid date range that we will shoot for. Can anyone recommend what charts I should purchase? Do you think a GPS will be definitely necessary? Most of my sailing experience is racing 17-25 footers on the bays of Long Island, where navigation is a little easier. I have been fishing in Plum Gut a few times and have spent some time on the sound, but not a whole lot. can anyone recommend a specific marina in the Westbrook area? Has anyone anchored at Duck Island?
I will opt for the GPS, and hopefully make the trip in 2 days. If the weather looks bleak for the day 2 trip from Westbrook through the Gut I will continue to dock in Westbrook until favorable day weather. If I am only looking to do fair weather day sailing, will just GPS and back up paper charts be sufficient? Will also consult Eldredge prior to the trip for those days I am on the water.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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