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dangerous sparking at coil !!!!

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Recently, I had some electrical issues and had been pushing and pulling wires to successfully track down a short. I guess I had been pulling on the wires from the positive and negative side of the ignition coil. I noticed arcing from both posts intermittently. After cleaning the connections and arranging the wire connections a bit better, it still sparked. I then separated the negative from the positive wires as they run toward the front of the engine (and alternator,etc). That seems to have solved the problem. I used a tie to keep the red positive wire positioned higher above the coil and away from the negative terminal. But all the wires from the coil eventually run somewhat in parallel as they come forward. What else can I do to assure I don't get unwanted arcing/sparks from the coil????

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OK. Good idea. I thought about buying a new one considering there is a bit of corrosion noticeable on the seam area of the canister.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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