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hello there. my name is Tony, and i am interested in learning to sail.

i live in green bay, wi, and am attending college at this point in time. i have been sailing on a large boat(40footer) twice in the last 5 years, once crewing a boat on a learning trip in the florida keys(the Rosa Del Mar), and once doing the same in the sea of abaco (The Lady Jaqualine). each of these great experiences gave me the most fun i have ever had for a week straight. i have decided i would like to learn to sail for myself, not as part of 8 other people doing a general survey of sailing.

obviously, as a college student i dont have a great deal of money, nor a boat of my own. i am looking into the local marina to see whether they offer summer sailing lessons, or some such.

i will be popping in to harass you people periodically, as i would like to learn as much as possible in the years ahead of me before i will ever be able to afford a 40 footer of my own, and hopefully i will then be knowlegable enough to get the hang of sailing it relatively easily(that's what they all say, right?). i am not interested in racing at all, just a hobby/pleasure boat for me. i hope to eventually find myself sailing the keys, bahamas, and gulf.

of the boats i am interested in, i'd like one that can be crewed by between 1 and 3 people. 40 foot is all i have experience with, and have no problem setting my goals on that. although i hear a catamaran may be easier for a singe to 2 people to handle.

any advice as to a good starting point and im all ears!
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