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Hi All,

I just bought my first boat - a Vagabond 14 day sailer -and I'm getting some repairs done to get her back on the water after many years sailing a trailer around someone's back yard.

One of my additions will be a trolling motor and battery because the lakes here in central Georgia are notoriously fickle for wind. The lakes are big enough that rowing is out of the question since I don't have oar locks currently (or space for 2 oars for that matter.) It will be nice for trailering and docking as well, at least until my skills improve. I'd love to pick up a portable outboard but so far watching craigslist hasn't turned up any in my price range.

So that brings me to questions about batteries for trolling motors. I'm figuring on a 30lb thrust Minn Kota to keep the amperage down. Given the possibility of capsizing in a small boat with an inexperienced helmsman, I think an AGM battery is a good idea, but I can't find a lot of reviews.

Does anyone have recommendations for or against particular brands of AGM Marine batteries?
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