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I live in the bay area, south San Jose area, but haven't been sailing in years; life happened, I never planned to stop, it just happened. The love of the water never died. Right now I'm just looking for day-sailing just to see if my sea-legs still work:) and my back, knees, shoulder etc :) and to make new friends to see where it goes.
I'm a SWM ; a cis-male, in today's world we have to make things clear:), healthy, slim,and nearing retirement with all my hair. I'm still somewhat physically fit but my "rippling six-pack" is somewhat camouflaged:) My goal was to loose 10 pounds this year and I only have 15 more to go:-(
When I was sailing it was with the OCSC out of Berkeley. There was a small group of us and we had a silver group membership and would rent 32-38ft boats depending on how many of us and our friends could make it on a weekend. It was great fun. Most of my experience has been on the bay with excursions into the delta and a bare-boat trip to St Martin; so not much open ocean time, but lots of bay time.
Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent mismanagement I have more or less kept to myself with a very small social circle. I would like to get out more if I could find someone with a boat in need of crew or companionship and similar social practices so we each could feel safe with the other.
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