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I've come to the conclusion that I prefer sailing to a destination more than just going for a day sail.

Don't get me wrong. Much of the sailing I do is just day sailing on the Chesapeake. And when I say "destination" I don't meant long cruises to exotic destinations (at least not yet). I'm talking about destinations of 25-35 nm per day and mostly lastly 2 - 4 days, sometimes more.

And I do like day sailing. Any kind of sailing. It's just that I find destination sailing more interesting. Partly I suppose that I like dropping the hook after being on the water and I really like waking up to the sunrise in a pretty cove with a steaming cup of tea. But somehow the sailing too is different. Maybe it's the navigation. But that's not all that much in the Chesapeake.

When I'm just out for the day, I find I often have to look for entertainment. Which is usually picking out a sailboat in the distance and trying to overtake and pass her. (And when passing the other boat, making sure I appear to be completely oblivious to their presence.)

Anyone else feel the same? Anything you do to liven up the day sail?
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