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Hi, I live for now on Kootaney Lake BC, work on the ferry that crosses the lake . Deckhand for the last 2 yrs, I've worked alot of differant jobs over the years , treeplanter, truck driver , logging, teachers aid, bouncer/host, etc. there is lots to experance in life and I'm trying to do as much as I can .
I was in sea cadets , as a kid and developed a love for the Sea ,sailed on 72 ft coverted 12 meter , and got really hooked , crewed for 3/4 boats around Victoria BC , wife / kids , came along , rode and played Harley guy in between ,20 yrs later , I'm getting back, oh , in meantime I built a 26 ft Dory / ply/epoxy , rebuilt a 27 ft fiberglass landingcraft , Boating seems to never leave . Had throat cancer last year and now want to get back to some of the dreams I left behind .

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Hey DC, welcome to SN dude!

Here's to getting back into those dreams! Good on ya.
Welcome, Clancy

I've ridden that ferry many times.. still the longest free ferry in North America, isn't it? We lived near Castlegar (Robson) in the 70s and still have family there and in Cranbrook. It was too far from the ocean for me so we moved on.

Kootenay lake is a delight... and occasionally a handful too!

EDIT: Congrats on beating cancer, too... my wife's also a survivor..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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