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My stern dock lines come off a cleat and pass over the teak toe rail. I screwed a strap tang on to the top of the rail on each side where the line passes over it to prevent the dock line from wearing a groove into the teak.

Schaefer Marine Hardware - Detail. They have various lengths and widths.

You could do the same for fenders if they're always mounted in the same spot, and the line must pass over the toe rail ?

I probably wouldn't use stainless where people step, But you could mount a strap and then cut a piece of adhesive non skid to fit and glue it to the top. Replacing the non-skid might be easier than re-finishing that area of the toe-rail.

My outboard genoa tracks are mounted on the toe rail and extend past the boarding gates on each side, so I don't have an issue at the gates.
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