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Dear Mr Volvo,

I don't know if you often get the chance to look at the Sailnet forum but just in case you do I thought I would sent a quick message.

I have been thinking of how much money you spend in sponsoring one or two boats.

I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned it but you are in the business of selling engines and parts but the boats you sponsor don't have engines or if they do they don't use them.

I also think you don't really get a good return on your investment. The boats tend to not get very far before they break or bits drop off and they have to retire. It cannot be very good for business to sponsor something that is always breaking down.

The other thing is that unless you are trying to sell engines to a few whales and dolphins then the boats are not very visible.

Now I have pointed you in the right direction we are available for sponsorship and will even do it for £1.23 less than you are paying at the moment.

More people see us, we liveaboard all the time, we have got a Volvo engine that we use and we would even be willing to accept new sails with your name on them.

I am afraid we would not change the name of our boat but we can put a little sticker somewhere.

Anyway, I hope you see this is the way forward for Volvo as a company.

Just PM me if you are interested.

Cygnus III
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