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I have a 30 year old Flying Dutchman 37 that my wife and I love but I've never fully succeeded in getting the deck completely sealed so I need to refurbish it in some way to get it sealed. Unfortunately I'm too cheap and poor to have it done commercially and I just don't want to strip off the teak in favor of a fiberglass deck replacement. So here is what I propose to do this summer. Fortunately I live in a desert climate so drying everything out is a regular summer affair.

I'll pull all the deck screws, a few at a time, and redrill them a size larger. I'll also put in as much Get Rot or similar thin epoxy material to stabilze the balsa core as much as possible. Replace the deck screws and bungs. I'll then remove the seam sealing materials and route out the seams to 1/4 inch deep. Again fortunately the original teak is still quite thick; probably 3/8 inch. I'll then swab out the seams with acetone and place a strip of thin line masking tape in the bottom of the grooves and recaulk with Teak Decking Systems SIS440 or similar material.

So my question is "Does this sound like a good plan or should I be doing something else, short of removing the deck and replaceing all including the coring?"
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