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It is reported in our local newspaper that cigarette stubbs are the worst culprit, along with plastic bags and containers. Our little community of Ladner has kicked off a campaign to clean up our inner harbour and make it more business freindly which not only includes the removal of derelict boats but derelict sheds and wharfs too. Looking forward to a more touristy environment.
The False Creek area of Vancouver Harbour has also enacted laws to deter derelect boats and impose time limits. This clears the harbour for anchoring space to accommodate real sailors who are visiting Vancouver, previously new arrivals could not find a clear space to anchor with all the derelict boats hanging about. Long overdue laws. I cringe whenever I arrive at a new harbour only to find it overpopulated with junk heaps, makes it difficult for myself and others like me to find a decent anchorage. I have even arrived only to find the marina itself in near derelict shape, Port Browning comes to mind, a diamond in the rough, if only a pair of deep pockets could come along and make it a class act. Great harbours/marinas attract great tourist money, why deter the tourist $$ with derelict blights. Get rid of them.
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