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It really boils down to enforcing existing laws , not making new ones. You would not get away with parking an unregistered vehicle on a public street. It would be towed, fined , and put in a lot. Most of our derelics here go from a marina to anchored out when an owner no longer uses the boat and is trying keep costs down. They think the boat is worth what they have invested,so it sits while the lowball offers come in for it's sale. By the time they come to grips with the true value , the boat is worth nothing. The boat gets passed from one owner to another[read homeless] until ther is no paper trail of ownership.The powers that be will not go after the owner of record because they have record showing it sold. Controlling the problem starts with existing laws but should include a law requiring registration to be part of a sale. If you can't put it on the water legally , it shouldn't be there. The issue should not be where you can have your boat or how long but WHAT you can put on OUR water. The homeless don't inhabit old aircraft fuselages at the airport,aviators don't leave their discards where there is access. The powers that be need to not make it so impossible for us to discard old hulls properly so they don't fall into the hands of those who are giving us such a bad reputation and cause such restriction to our freedom on the water.
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