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wow, a real living 8v-71......

Well they do make good power.. if you can stand the mess of oil leaking out of the wet air boxes, lots of smoke,and noise.. I work with trucks, tractors ,heavy equipment, gen sets and even locomotive.. i have not seen one in a while.. the federal gov has made a point to hunt them down and put an end to them. Off shore, third world country's and oil field/ agg use on water pumps are some of the few places you will see them these days.

An 8v has an odd life cycle, when rebuilt... they will get poor fuel consumption " even for an 8v" and get better and better as they get more worn out... They run best right before they go boom, or run away on their own oil ...
Also be advised they will run backwards!!! and there is no stopping them if they do... The disadvantage of a two stroke diesel.. as for calculations... no way it will be up to your throttle input and how that engine breaks in but it will almost never be consistent.

I recommend you have a VERY competent tech to set the rack. also a intake flapper solenoid would be very recommended.. " it will kill the air flow and stop a run away.
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