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My RL70C Pathfinder display is showing "NO FIX" from the Raystar 120 GPS receiver.

After following the troubleshooting steps listed on the RayMarine tech support site, I've discovered that the GPS receiver isn't getting any power. My voltmeter shows zero voltage across the red & ground GPS leads that are spliced into the Seatalk cable that plugs into the back of the RL70C (which lives at the helm)

Raymarine says that I should test the red & ground leads at the "junction box" which lives somewhere along the route of the GPS cable, and that this junction box is the place where the GPS would get its 12 volts.

Problem is, I can't find one. The cable routing passes through some difficult to access spots, so I might be missing it.

In 2002 when Zora was built, Catalina tells me they were subbing out the navtronics install to an outfit called Ocean Electronics Inc. OEI had some suggestions but didn't keep records of where they installed things like this junction box. I still can't find this junction box. Supposedly its (probably) white and about 3x3".

Have any of you had the occasion to locate this mysterious, little white box?

Bill Brady
Zora #197
SF Bay
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