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40 years with Dickinson Adriatic cook stove. Primus on top in the summer. Best constant heat ever for Canadian winters. Turn it too low and it will soot up bad. Usually changed over to stove oil for cold dock side. Burns cleaner. Carb has to be the right height above the bottom of the burner (too low and nothing/ too high and it can flood and flood if the fire blows out. and for and aft if the boat is going to heel.A pulse pump will give good results and the click tells how fast its burning. If draught over cockpit is just right it will pull smoke wrong way out of stove,, not good. Big dia (5 in) pipe 4" for the little wall mount no bends or elbows and keep an eye on the deck iron water. I made my own deep dish to protect thick wooden deck and beams The new carbs are nearly foolproof and will melt a shut off plug if overheating.Burn about a gallon a day, no way around that so I really liked the home made wood stove in the salon which cost nothing to run.
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