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I think the big question is whether the charger you have is compatible with the type battery you have: wet, gel, agm. If so, I doubt it will do any harm to continue use. I would not, however, be comfortable leaving a portable charger attached when away from the boat. Best thing you can do for any battery is to keep it fully charged.

For a basic start battery, this problem can be over engineered. Fine tuning your charging and battery setup makes sense for extended house bank usage and efficiency. For very limited use, I would buy the cheapest battery I could, keep it charged with a compatible charger and just replace it more often.

For example, our dinghy start battery would be will over $100 new in a marine version. Three seasons ago, I decided to give a $30 Napa Auto Parts tractor battery a try and it turns over our 18hp Tohatsu without effort. I think this will be its last season, but I'm happy to just buy a new one for another $30. No way the marine monster was going to be worth it. The tractor batt weighed less too. YMMV. Not saying you should change the mother ship to a tractor batt, just trying to put the problem in context.
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