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Diesel alignment

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I'm repowering with a Beta 16, which comes with a "Drivesaver" coupling. The question is how to best align the new engine to the shaft. All guidance I've found requires the engine flange and shaft flange be aligned with the coupling removed. There seems to be two options for doing this:
Jack the shaft forward for the alignment then back aft to insert the coupling
Make up a steel disc the thickness of the coupling, attach it to one of the flanges, and do the alignment then remove it and install the coupling.

There mayt be other ways. I'd appreciate any advice on how to do this.
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Those are the only two ways I know of, and temporarily moving the shaft forward is what has been recommended to me to deal with my drivesaver. I was surprised at how easily the shaft pulled into position. I can imagine though that there are propeller/strut/shaft zinc configurations that might conspire to keep the shaft from moving forward enough.
I am working on installing a Beta 16 as well. I am stil working on the stringers, but I thought I remember seeing something about using the space between the bolt heats on the drive saver and the transmission plate. I may be mistaken. Good luck, and let us know about your progress.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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