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I think you reintroduced air in the system which needs to be bled. Undoubtably, a lot of air so it will take a lot of bleeding.

Do you have an electric lift pump in your fuel supply system? If so, let it run with the key turned on and the bleed screw in the spin on filter cracked until it stops blowing bubbles and runs fuel out.

Also, take on more fuel. Your pickup might be clogged due to sucking up all the crud in the bottom of the tank. This might be causing you to starve the engine of fuel. It's never good to get so low on fuel. You might need to add cleaner to the tank.

It is possible that you cranked in water if you cranked and cranked and cranked. I sort of doubt that, thinking your issue is more likely crud clogging pick up.

Good luck with her!

Mandolin, Bayfield 36 sailing out of Rock Creek.

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