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diesel engine Perkings model 4236,max hours

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Hi guys,
I am considering buying a 44 foot sailing yacht, of about 1983. a few of those boats are equiped with the perking 4236, 80HP engine.they all have between 3500 and 5000 hours. If well maintained, until howmany hours this type is reliable?somebody has experience with these engines?
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We have a Perkins 4108

We have a Perkins 42108 and I was told the engine it's self will run for almost ever. It is all the parts attached to it that fail. Ours is 30 years old and has lived in a dark damp place. We recently had and injector clamp fail, it just broke sitting there in the boat not even running. When I started the motor smoke came billowing out and it sounded like it through a rod. Any way I fixed it with the help of a dock mate. I did notice the fuel line to the injectors was a bronze or brass tubing brazed. Now when is that going to fail? It sure is hard to think of replacing a perfectly good running engine. We are going cruising in a few years so there is the rub. I would leave it alone and still might but for leaving the country and when we need it we may REALLY need it. No vessel assist to call.
The PO set up a fresh water rinse for the cooling. It draws water from the fresh water tank instead of the sea water, flip a valve. OK I have not tried it yet but it seems like a good idea. We have had the boat six months.
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