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diesel engine Perkings model 4236,max hours

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Hi guys,
I am considering buying a 44 foot sailing yacht, of about 1983. a few of those boats are equiped with the perking 4236, 80HP engine.they all have between 3500 and 5000 hours. If well maintained, until howmany hours this type is reliable?somebody has experience with these engines?
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10,000 easy if well maintained...if not its all over the board.
FWIW...death for most Perkins come from over heating will usually take the head out.

Cooling issues seem the bane for salt water kept engines for obvious reasons..and owners tend not to spend allot of preventive maintenance on this area of the boat...after all who wants to pull down a heat exchanger or mixing elbow every year and checking raw water flow?...but it should be done...way more important then changing the oil IMHO..
One of the features I like about the Perkins is ease of rebuilding. The cylinders are sleeved, assuming reasonable elbow room, you will not need to remove the engine for a rebuild.
I've no idea how many hours it has on it, original meter is gone. It starts instantly and ticks along nicely, using no oil.
Man!.... you must have an "Oil Can Henery's" work pit under that Perkins..:p ..Im envious.
Well I was just figuring you ya gotta pull the pan to remove rod caps to push the pistons out to pull the liners and be able to drop the crank for a rebuild...we do in-frames in trucks and even dozers but even then a pit is a big help...I'm never done learning though so I would like to hear your method.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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