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Dwaynespeer is right,
In my previous life I was a varnish lady and took care of teak decks (now I am a nurse-go figure). Anyways, one of my customers dropped a greasy slimy pizza on his beautiful, well maintained (cause I took care of it) teak deck . The following Monday He commanded I remove the offending stain. I had to give him the old "it will take time" speech. I cleaned it with Tide w/bleach (my favorite teak cleaner) using a scotch brite pad and then I let the teak go to work. Within a month the teak deck was back to her perfect glory. I'm sure there is a scientific explanation but you won't get it from me, I'm a simple varnish gal happy that it does what it does. A diesel stain of your magnitude may take 6 months or so but it should go away.

This is the part where the princess varnisha in me comes out and must give a lecture on teak care..ready?

1) Never use a bristle brush on your teak. Brushes dig out the soft grain and then dirt collects in that space which makes it an ugly gray. Have you ever been on a slippery teak deck? The soft grain is the natural nonskid in teak. I can't stress enough how damaging it is to use even the softest brushes. Always use a scotch bright pad, (white is best) it wont dig out the soft grain and the sun will bleach it to beautiful silver

2) Sand it smooth ONCE (if it has been abused by a bristle brush)-you should only have to do this once a decade as long as you don't ever use a bristle brush again.

3) Scrub it down once a month or so with Tide w/ bleach or Murphy's oil soap depending how dirty it gets. Murphy oil soap is good for fiberglass too.

4) Salt water bath- give it lots of salt water. I had to make up salt water to spray on my customers teak decks once in a while because the marinas were so polluted. It sounds a bit extreme but my customers had the prettiest decks around.

ok lecture over for now...
Thanks for letting me get on my soap box


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