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different chart configurations on GPS's

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since 2007 i bought an use a Garmin 3206 for charts and depth. works fine but i thought i'd update and just bought a lowrance elite 7 hdi. a little bigger screen and i'm sure a better fish finder - that's what all the avertiseing is about. i also bought the update chip Nautic insight Pro hi def marine chart.
BUT i'm not happy at all about its charts. it doesn't give the buoy numbers, no names of bridges or their heights. its very busy with depth contours and land maps (of no interest). do others use Lowrance as a chartplotter or have found what i'm seeing? there is a big difference in price. i'm leaning to go back to Garmin.
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I think you must be doing something wrong. ALL the major manufacturers display the same type of data. I have an older (2006) Lowrance unit with Nautic Insight charts and I could display buoy info, hazard info, lighthouse info, etc. Are you sure the chart has been loaded into the plotter?

Good luck,
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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