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I am a lifelong sailing women with kids that are 6 and 9. I have mostly sailed on larger boats, but am thinking dinghy for both financial, practical and preference issues (I just love sailing a dinghy!)

I would like to buy a small boat for day sailing and camping with the kids who are 6 and 9. My past sailing has been predominantly racing: I would like to be able to race, but don't envision getting super serious. We live in Seattle and there are a number of active fleets here, but I am not sure what would be best for us. My husband may sail with us, but I would want to be able to single hand or go with just the kids (as I am the more avid sailor). There is an active Thistle fleet around here, so that is an option that I have looked at. I worry that the kids and I would be challenged to right it or sail in anything but the very lightest wind.

I look forward to any advice!

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