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Do chandlers like budget marine welsh on warrenties?

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As a cruiser roaming the Caribbean I usually don't have much choice when I need to buy a big ticket item. Generally there is only one game in town. But if I can I buy from one of the big chains thinking that in the event of a problem I might get some after sales service.

I bought a Tohatsu 18 hp outboard from Budget Marine in St Maarten and when I reported a major defect after 11 months all I got was the runaround.

Full details and pics here CLICKY

Is this kind of runaround a common experience ? Is it just Budget Marine who do this or is it commonplace?

How do I get Budget Marine to honor the warranty?

Tohatsu advertise a five year warranty.

Is there anyway I can go direct to Tohatsu? Anybody have a contact.
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You might want to start here:
Contact Tohatsu
No idea about them, but in general the deepest discount places are not authorized dealers for many of the products they carry. And that means there may not be any warranty.

Warranty terms are contracts and yes, if a product was bought "gray market", it typically has no warranty. Warranty coverage and warranty costs and terms are all usually supplied by the geographic franchisee for the brand.

So you need to contact Tohatsu, find out if they are an authorized outlet, and if not, beg Tohatsu for mercy. And see if you have other options, if the seller didn't make it clear there would be no warranty.

Normally a seller doesn't pay a cent for warranty service, so they have no reason to deny it to you unless they are also the distributor, and they're trying to avoid the expense. (Which again goes back to Tohatsu, they can motivate a bum distributor.)
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yeah go direct...good luck!
St Maarten in the head office of Budget Marine. I would head there and talk direct to Chris Marshall the General Manager. He's a good bloke and Da Boss.

Da BIG Boss is Robbie Ferron and for a large expense item that you are not getting satisfaction with after seeing Chris Marshall, Robbie will want to know.

I have a lot of time for Budget Marine and as I am in St Martin for at least some time each year can tell you they are good people.

Hope this helps.

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In the USA West Marine / Defender / whoever sell motors at discount and do NOT provide service which is left to the poor brick and mortar dealer

While I could be wrong :) I believe even Tohatsu requires a pre delievery inspection (PDI) of motors that size

For example

????? permits the shipment of “loose” motors, 10hp and smaller. A “loose” motor refers to a motor sold alone. ?????? 15hp and 20hp tiller-controlled motors can be shipped, but only if they are part of an inflatable boat & motor package, purchased and shipped together. Sorry, no shipping on remote steering motors unless part of a pre-rigged boat and motor package (ships by boat hauler).

In ordering a ?????? motor for shipment to you, certain responsibilities must be assumed by you to set up your ????? product for initial use or your boat & motor package in order to enjoy the convenience of delivery of your ?????? product. You will be prompted to read about and acknowledge these tasks prior to check out.

In looking at your pictures the lower bearing appears to have water damage and the issue would become how it go into the motor

Was it a defect or at some point set to deep in the water
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