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I believe a good set of foulies is the equivalent to good rubber on your car. There is nothing worse than shivering through a watch, except maybe asking someone else to take your watch, because you didn't bring a set of quality foul weather gear. My jacket is over 30 years old and every bit as good as the day I bought it. I have good sailing boots for the temperate regions, but rarely use them in the tropics. I've never, ever, used "sailing" gloves, but if sailing in weather under 50 degrees a good pair of ski gloves or even dive gloves are nice to have.
Even on a warm tropical afternoon, a squall may drop the temp considerably and then the rain will soak you to the skin. With the autopilot not working and no vane gear, that's how many more hours still to go before you can get off the helm? Sure, you can change your clothes, but sure as the sun will rise, as soon as you do, another squall will pop up out of nowhere, and well, you get the idea.
If this is a one off deal and you are never going sailing again, then borrow a good set and be prepared. If not, almost any brand of quality foul weather gear will give you years of good service. Ask your skipper or others whose sailing experience you trust, for their recommendations.
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