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In answer to your question, it would be irresponsible for you not to have gear that will keep you dry and warm in predictable conditions. I do not think pickup kit of general use gear will do that. You get wet can cold and you become a burden on everyone else. If you're a guest who can wait out unpleasant whether down below, then fine, if you are expected to hold your own, then no. For example, definitely do not go with rain boots or the like which will provide very unsteady footing navigating a deck. Better to get Gore-tex socks for under your boat shoes. Also much of the cost of foul weather gear is the gaskets and gussets which make it suitable to extended, active wear. Gloves which are not waterproof will not serve. If you wear cheap PVC type gear for any period of time, you are likely to become uncomfortable from sweat.

Try putting your gear on some cool night in the backyard and have someone run a hose on you while you do a few round of calisthenics and see how it all works. Dry and warm, good to go. Not, start buying.
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