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I have two gel batteries that I took out for the winter and are in my closet at home. I have never had gel batteries. I have read that they only discharge at 1% per month and they aren't harmed if you run them down.

That being said, they are nice new batteries I want to take care of. Do I need to buy an at home charger and be periodically charging them? It has been two months now since their last charge and I plan to reinstall them in may? What if anything should I be doing to keep them nice?

Second. I have an outboard that I bought with the boat. The boat was already pulled from the water when I bought it. I don't know what if any winterizing was done. The temperatures rarely get below freezing, but they do. Is my engine safe sitting on the boat out of the water or do I need to go do something to make it nice? What is the process for relaunching and getting an engine ready for use again after what will have been six months of disuse?

Thanks for all the help, as always.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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