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For winterizing, I would fush the engine first, either by running it a few minutes at idle in a bucket of clear water or with the proprietary flush muffs. Remove the prop before running ! Afterwards disconnect the fuel line and let the engine use up the rest of the fuel inside. Once the engine has stopped, drain the carburettor (my last outboard had a little scre to allow this). Use fogging spray. Disconnect the sprak plug, slowly turn over the engine with the pull cord and spray the spark plug hole. Afterwards apply a good amount of marine grease to the prop shaft and all moving parts. I don't know if its better to change the gearbox and engine oil at the beginning or at the end of the season.

The batteries I'd probably leave on a trickle charge. If you have a solar panel on your boat connected to your battery bank then that should sort itself.

I would store the engine away from the boat if possible if not only so it doesn't get nicked at the boat yard :mad: as mine was.
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