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I really enjoyed this thread I started back in Aug 07

I still make every time I dock a "practice session" Saturday night not being the exception. It was low tide at the state marina where the free pump out is. Of course the pump out is alongside the public ramp and the drunked up power boaters were have fun trying to zoom onto their respective trailers. One decided to play chicken with my Oday 30 as we approached dead slow. Already anticipating the inevitable, I had to come to a dead stop as ego man decided to show everyone that he could show that lady on the sailboat who was the hot shot! I knew we wouldn't, but to everyone else it looked like my boat would have t-boned the 15ft or so powerboat that cut right in front and along side between the dock and my boat. geeze.. anyway Mr. ego helped tie the bow line and acted like nothing was amiss. :rolleyes:

I decided to back out, because the smaller boats wouldn't give me the space to do a 180, (and finding out the pump out isn't even hooked up yet) my depth finder was blinking blankity blank. I stood with wheel to my back and steered in reverse while using the prop wash also. My Partner thinks I'm pretty cool now since she is new to boating, but I was happy not to embarrass myself.
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