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For a couple and a single, I highly recommend single-line docking.

There will be a spot about a 1/4 of the distance from the transom to the bow at which you can place a line that, when attached to the dock opposite the transom, will hold the boat parallel to the dock when the transmission is in forward. You may have experiment a bit to find this point.

Rather than stepping off with a bow and stern breast line, step off when the boat is stopped and tie off (or use a hook) with the single line. When secure put the transmission in forward and the boat will "suck" into the dock. Leave the transmission engaged while you attach the breast and spring lines.

If you have a strong wind blowing you off the dock, use a centre line tie and get the boat secure, and then worry about breast and stern lines.

I teach these methods and it simplifies matters greatly.

While on docking issues, why is the man does the docking while the women deals with the lines. Surely the reverse makes more sense.

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