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Does anyone use belt PFDs?

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I've generally thought these things are hokey and useless, but I have to admit, looking back at my boating career so far, I have spent much more time without a PFD on than with. I'm getting better about it, but I wonder if one of these might help. Or, maybe they're useless....

Anyone use them? Seems like the cats meow in warmer climates.

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I love my paddling PFD from Kokatat. It feels funny if I don't have it on while boating. I spend a lot of time around cold water which IMHO belt worn PFD is not suitable. I have never used these PFDs but I see value if a more suitable vest is not going to be worn and unlikely necessary. Warm, calm waters with multiple capable people. What I can't seem to find are PFDs comparable to whitewater rescue paddling vest with integrated harness on front of PFD instead of typical rear attachment. I saw a picture of US Navel Academy sailing vessel and the crew appeared to be wearing foam PFD with integrated harness but have been unable to figure out the brand. I can efficiently swim and dive with my paddling PFD but the inflatables are miserable.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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