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Does VHF need external antenna?

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I have inherited an old West Marine Zephyer VHF radio from a friend who upgraded on his Cal-27.

He has a mast antenna. I have none on my bare bones Edel 665. I don't even have a battery yet so this "freebie" is going to cost me at least that plus $90 for my VHF license...$200 approx total.

I have read that operating a VHF without the external antenna can damage the VHF. If I have to get some sort of external antenna I may just stay VHF-less. We are never out of reach of cell phone reception where we sail.

Do I need an antenna or not?

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VHF needs an antenna. You can connect an antenna directly to the unit or very close to it but the antenna is a must. Transmission and receipt is much better if the antenna is at higher levels but you can receive and transmit with an antenna inside the boat, but the antenna should be connected to the radio. It is very probable to burn the unit without an antenna specially during transmitting.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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