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We are excited to announce a new $50 Amazon eGift Card giveaway!

We get it. Summer isn鈥檛 the same without going a bit primal, reconnecting with our hunter-gatherer roots, and getting to grill outside over an open flame with friends and family.

If you鈥檙e as fired up about grilling during these Dog Days of Summer as we are, we鈥檇 love to see your best BBQ pictures and hear about your favorite barbeque recipes, techniques, tips, and tricks.

To enter to win a $50 Amazon eGift Card, reply to this thread to share your best outdoor BBQ pictures you have taken and/or your favorite barbeque recipes.

On August 8, 2022, we will hold a random drawing to select the winner. The winner will have seven days to reply to our message verifying their email address, or a new winner will be chosen.

Responses to this thread should be limited to entering the giveaway.

Thank you for being part of the community, and stay cool during these hot summer days!

- Community Management Team

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Well, I don't have a picture but I can share most of my favorite recipes.
Smoked brisket
Five large untrimmed briskets
Four bottles head country rub
Four jalapenos
Secret spices (I do not share. Not even my family knows what I use)
Brown sugar (optional)

With briskets thawed trim fat skirt and retain. Try to keep it in one piece. Puree jalapenos removing the seeds before puree to reduce heat. Can leave in if desired. Mix dry rub, brown sugar, secret spice blend. Give the briskets a rub down with puree then dry rub. Be generous. Allow to marinate for a few hours. Prepare smoker once up to temperature 200-250*f maintained add briskets laying fat skirt on top. Smoke for 8 hours the carefully wrap in foil and smoke an additional 6. Remove from smoker and place in empty cooler. Allow to rest 6 hours in cooler. Remove fat skirt. Then if still warm place indoors and allow to cool. It can then be sliced at desired thickness or allowed to chill in freezer before slicing in deli slicer. Don't let it freeze if that's your goal. From there package the bulk and freeze the enjoy the rest. Scraps makes chopped beef for sandwiches.

I don't know how much of what I use. I go by smell and looks.

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Smoked cream cheese 2 hours at 250 degrees. I use cherry wood coat a bar of cream cheese with your favorite rub ,score the top about an 1/8 deep. I鈥檓 a big fan of pork privilege rub made by BBQ Pit boys but any rub will do. It great on anything you would normally use cream cheese for. Enjoy
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It's not the laissez faire Aussie 'chuck a snag on the Barby' when it's my French GF, Marjorie as Fire Master!

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First, select the perfect sunset in the perfect bay in perfect weather. That's easy in the Caribbean, any day works.

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Propage gas ? No-na-noooo ! Real charcoal and flavoured wood chunks, but not all piled high. See there's just a ring on the outside and nothing in the middle 馃

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Shhh! Concentrating here as she sprinkles secret French spices.

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The chicken is 'butterflied' laid open, marinated for hours in coconut oil and lemon.
It's to be slow BBQ'd hence the low heat 馃敟 and no coals in the middle.

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The Aussie style is just the throw it on till it's black, crispy and dry, but French slow BBQing gives a succulent, moist flavour that melts in the mouth.




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Clearly I'm outclassed in this collection of culinary geniuses and don't stand a chance except for random selection but a fave of ours on board SV Tomcat is when we are lucky enough to snag a nice Atlantic salmon is to throw it on a presoaked cedar plank.....bbq'd to perfection, some fresh lemon slices, salt and pepper. Voila...simple, fast and fit for a king!!

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Pork tenderloin injected with Pinot Grigio, stuffed with sweet pear and jalapenos for contrast. Seared in a cast iron pan then finished on the pizza stone in the BBQ with roast corn, asparagus, pear and potatoes liberally coated with grated habanero cheese.


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Roasted asparagus with a wedge of pear, flakes of parmessan all wrapped in Berkshire bacon - Individual salmon wellingtons - Prime rib injected with Pinot Grigio - scallops marinated in Guiness - Shrimp the size of small lobster tails - oysters and Chilean sea bass.


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Grilled Plantains / Pl谩tanos a la Parrilla

In Costa Rica, we usually start a BBQ with Chicharrones - pork rinds fried in a big witch's caldron:

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Super easy, chop up pork and toss it into the boiling vat of fat. This is often done right after killing and butchering a pig so it is about as fresh pork as one can get.

I'm not a big fan of all the pork fat and get kidded about it at whatever cookout we attend. However, I do love grilled pl谩tanos -- especially with cheese and chili con carne -- kind of like the Puerto Rican canoas, except on the grill.

Grilled Pl谩tanos:

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These are also very easy to do on the grill. Just mix up whatever you want to slather on top of the grilling pl谩tanos (plantains) and have at it. Something simple like:

4-6 pl谩tanos maduros (very ripe plantains -- they look like black rotten bananas to US consumers)​
3 tbsp butter​
3/4 cup brown sugar​
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar​

Slather the drippy stuff on the grilling pl谩tanos until done, take off grill and serve.

Note that green pl谩tanos are a completely different meal, so be sure to get very ripe pl谩tanos if you want to try this.

~~ Red

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Hard to compete with BBQ off the stern rail, but my favorite recipe is smoked brisket a la Franklins in Austin TX: A full 鈥減acker鈥 (both the flat and point) brisket, 12-16 pounds,Salt and pepper (a lot of it, half and half) rub overnight, hang it on hooks in my Pit Barrel Cooker with briquettes and mesquite wood chips, cover and forget until the internal temp is 165-170, about 6-8 hours. Pull it off the hooks and wrap in pink butcher paper or foil, then back into the PBC on the grate until the temp hits 203 F (95C). This is called the Texas Crutch, and I can explain the physics if you want, but it speeds up cooking while maintaining juiciness. Then pull it off and rest in a cooler or covered in a towel, until the temp drops to 165 or so.
Unwrap and carve and serve with a smoked Piggy Back rye Old Fashion.
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