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Libby -
Consider a web harness with a large ''handle'' loop sewn into the back strap so that you can use a boathook when necessary.
Dogs need LOTS of water when sailing. I use a large dish with an inverted bottle attached to self fill - pet supply stuff.
Train the dog to GO on astro-turf, mounted on the foredeck. Train the dog at home, using several ''solid'' items as a ''starter''. Lavish praise will make the training go faster, don''t discipline for ''misses''. The astro-turf will enhance the dog''s footing.
I use a taught jackline and a caribiner attachment to the harness so the dog can to forward in security when the going is rough.
Now if I could only have the dog stand a proper watch and be able to bark to alert me of ships on the horizon .......... :)
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