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I know literally almost nothing about sailboats. Never even been on one before. I'm here because I'm sort of what you might call a freedom junkie and like the idea of the freedom that it could bring. I thought maybe this would be a good place to A) start learning whether this is something that I actually want to sink time and money into and B) start learning the best ways to allocate my scarce resources should I decide that this is something i want to get into.

I kind of had this idea for years that this was a hobby for wealthy people only. Then one day, just for the hell of it, I decided to look at the prices of used sailboats on ebay and i was astonished to find how cheap some nice looking sailboats were. There were decent looking 30 ft vessels on there for under 40,000 dollars. This coupled with a savvy investment that I made about a year ago is starting to make this look more and more possible. I dont know if maybe its just that these were vessels that need a lot of work and it would actually be double or triple that cost to get it sea worthy. The descriptions didn't indicate this but who knows how truthful they were being.

So my first priority is going to be to gauge whether or not this is something i will actually be able to afford. To that end my first question would be, about how large of a vessel do you guys feel would be sufficient to allow 2.5 people to travel comfortably and safely from one continent to another while using the vessel its self as quarters while visiting another country. Would you be comfortable doing it in a 30 footer for example or would that be so cramped that it would drive everyone crazy? What about a 40 footer? Ect... If you wanted to take it further about how much disposable income do you think someone would need to have in order to be able to accomplish a goal like this on a budget?

I know its a rather vague and subjective question but any input will be valued.
I know absolutely nothing about boats, let alone sailing. On Nov 5th, I bought a 30' Sailboat for my family and I to do the loop. There are 4 of us. Two adults, a 17 year old and a 7 year old. To add to that, we have 2 medium sized dogs.

We made our maiden voyage starting shortly before dark out on Lake Michigan starting in Wisconsin and headed down to South Chicago, the Calumet River.

We are "Freedom Junkies" too.

If we can do it, I would say anyone can do it. But you HAVE TO BE DETERMINED!
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