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Double Duty Request...

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Hi - I'm new to SailNet - this community looks to be very active - which is great!

I've come here because i am - like so many people - in the middle of a life change and am looking for ways to push beyond the boundaries of "the norm." And i've come to you - the group - because if ever there was a group of experienced sailors - then this seems to be the place. So i have two very different questions. Any advice would be most, most appreciated.

I don't own a boat. yeah - i know... I am looking to get one.
#1 - i am well aquainted with the pros of being on the water - i grew up in FL and have always been around boats. What are the cons of living aboard - as in - your boat is your permanent address year-round? I am taking it slow and trying not to jump into this without some experienced advice.

#2 - i am taking a class in digital video and would like to do a story about liveaboards. Is there anyone from the Sacramento, CA area that is a resident there that would be willing to tell their story about living on the River and have it air on the local public access web TV? The film will be short - only 3 - 7 minutes and will be a possitive, upbeat look at how people find ways to live their dreams without the white picket fence and two story house...

Thanks for your time!

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