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I'll let the moderator decide if this seems to blatantly commercial:
I am trying to find out if there is any use for "dovetail" mounts for gear in which a piece of gear with the "male" piece slides into the matching female piece and latches in. I got the idea from making such a thing for my magma stove as a replacement rail mount.
However, I foresee things like low profile Al mounts on the mast in which removable steps could be placed so they could be removed so as not to foul halyards but be put in place when desired. Bulkhead dovetail mounts in which a piece of electronics could be removably placed and then removed for security. Dovetail rail mounts for stoves, outboards, liferings, EPIRB, etc.
They could be made from Al although G10 is my current fav material.
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