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As the owner of a Downeaster who has sailed over 1000 miles the first year of sailing it
I take these other comments as a load of ****e
There is no rolly motion under sail unless you are sailing with a off balance load with improper sail trim
Or only using the motor to go everywhere in heavy seas

The 38 &32 models do have bilge access under the galley sink
It is a huge deep bilge
Put the bilge pump on a board and lower it down or lift it out when needed

The 41& 45 have a engine mounted above a huge bilge 6’x13’ by 8’ deep with center cockpit or pilothouse design above the engine
I love my pilothouse makes the arm chair sailors angry cause they have to wear full foulies and get a leather face from the wind and sun

It’s not a race boat because it’s 16000 + lbs and a full keel

Tell me.. when the wind is 40 knots and seas over 15-20+ and short duration
Do you want a pile of **** production boat that will falter ?
Or a tank that’s gonna keep you safe?
I have hit 13.2 bare poles in the nasty and I wasn’t scared because the boat rocks the heavy conditions that would keep others day sailing the rest of their life
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