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Draft-constrained marina

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I just moved to the northern Virginia area (after a few years in the dry Midwest) and am looking at buying a sailboat (I've owned two previously). Unfortunately, the channel to the nearby (and affordable) marina on the Potomac varies in depth from 18" to 5', so I need a boat that can make that most hours (I can plan my sailing times to avoid dead low if necessary).

So I'm looking at a smaller boat (22-25ish feet) that's also affordable (under about $5K).

I'd love a Catalina 22 but I don't see many in good shape right now. I also know that MacGregor 25s have centerboards that could clear this channel.

What other boat models should I look for? And is Craigslist my best bet?
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SouthCoast 22, Chrysler 20 and 22, Compac, MacGregor 22-25 (i prefer the swing keel for stability over the water ballast) to name a few.

CL is a good bet for looking for boats in that range. A good MacGregor in decent shape is only going to draw a couple thousand depending on engine.
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