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5 watt solar panel doesn't need controller... usually used for continuous "trickle charge".
Outboard 60W "light coil" actual output will be closer to 2 or 3 amps at mid to upper throttle range. If it is equipped with electric start than it already has a rectifier/regulator installed. If no electric start, check to make sure you have a regulator/rectifier installed.

The actual light coil under the flywheel (permanent magnet alternator) generates AC which is ok to run lights directly, but if you have a battery in the mix, then it needs to be "rectified" to DC and regulated to avoid overcharging.

Short answer, just hookem up to the battery.

Long answer (only my opinion), each power source (wind, solar, engine driven, shore-powered, tafrail, etc) should have its own dedicated equipment for controlling output to the batteries rather than attempting a "one size fits all solution" An engine driven, field controlled alternator requires a different type of output control than a 250W solar array, or a 25W shore powered charger. Plus, with separate control equipment, one failure does not the whole system crash. If redundancy is good enough for rocket-surgery, it's good enough for me...

Just sayin'
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