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Dumbest passage plan since the BOUNTY sailed straight into Sandy?

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These guys left Newport Friday afternoon on a 43 Nelson Marek they'd bought on eBay for $10K... They were headed for Bermuda, on what was to be the first leg of a trip to Oz, via the Cape of Good Hope and the Southern Ocean...

Here's what they were sailing straight into, as shown on Passageweather on Friday evening... Absolutely mind boggling, how any sane individual could have left with that forecast... The text forecast from NOAA is perhaps even more sobering, featuring "Hurricane force winds, heavy freezing spray, windspeeds to 65 knots, seas to 36 feet", and so on...

They called for Mommy early this morning... Seems somehow fitting, the Coasties plucked them out of the North Atlantic very close to the same spot that RAW FAITH went down... One has to wonder whether these guys, even now, have any clue how lucky they are to be alive...

Coast Guard Rescues Sailors 140 Miles off Nantucket - Western Massachusetts Breaking News and First Warning Weather with ABC 40

There's a thread over on CF that was started prior to their departure, with links to stories in the Newport paper about their prep...

Sailing New England to Australia in February - Cruisers & Sailing Forums

And, in related news, the CG plucked another crew off a trimiran last night, south of Cape Fear...

Those helo crews and rescue swimmers sure are getting plenty of practice lately, courtesy of us yachties...

Coast Guard rescues 4 from damaged sailboat off NC coast | WAVY-TV
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Should yachting insurance be compulsory with a significant amount of cover attributable to the rescue services if used?

Yes it would probably put the cost of premiums up, but by how much if every yacht had insurance.

Currently yachting is relatively unencombered by officialdom. I don't mean the type attributable to CG inspections or TSA/Homeland interventions and the like.

If the yachting fraternity continue to behave in a cavalier fashion expecting the Coasties to rush to their aid when the yachties own actions have been a contributory factor which appears to happen at all levels from VOR down we are not too far away from further legislation.
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I guess it all comes down to a matter of choice, that freedom gives me the inalienable right to put to sea in a boat not fit for purpose, crewed by those with insufficient offshore passage making experience (seamanship does not even enter this equation) into winter storm conditions that were forecast and foreseeable. And then when the SHTF, as it invariably does, it puts the lives of the rescuers ('who thrive on this type of thing') at risk. They would rather not be putting their lives at risk, but will always answer the call, at least they are professionals unlike your average yachtie.
So, keeping on thread, it's a totally dumbass decision however it is dressed up.
Keep on making those dumbass decisions and beaurocracy will come and bite yo' dumbass eventually, especially if, God forbid, rescuers lives be lost.
Is that the unknown known or the known unknown or the unknown unknown?:confused:
Its always entertaining to see what stating the obvious develops into with time polarising views.

Lunatics, for that is what they are, setting sail in these circumstances, are nothing like people requiring emergency services ashore such as road accidents, fires or ill health.
They are selfish inconsiderate idiots that deserve no sympathy for undertaking a deliberate and voluntary act in the face of Mother Natures worst in vessels not fit for the conditions and they themselves being so short of common sense as to be almost laughable were it not for the circumstances.

We should all review the facts again concentrating on the bigger picture with the benefit of hindsight. The facts do not change as time and comments progress.
Respect all views, within acceptable parameters of course, just to make sure which planet I was occupying I returned to the O.P., re-read first two paras. and followed the link to Cruisers Forum article re. same circumstances.
Yep, thread was about the idiot/stupid yachties, nothing else implied.
BTW, 4 out of 5 from the above list are almost certain to cause severe injury or death to participants and maybe even 3rd parties whilst the odd one out is dumbass even if you are a true Mountain Man.
Cheers to your beers ;)
1 - 5 of 78 Posts
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