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I bought my J 29 5 years ago, she was raced allot and needed a refit. I had sold my Hunter 28.5 for the J 29. My J 29 had been raced for years as expected and had some deck fittings moved and scratches on the deck and worn non skid in some places. If money had not been an issue I would have loved to have taken the boat to a boat yard and say make her look like new. I was able to not have boat payments and really did not want any. I had a $5K budget and it would have cost an easy $10K to make her look like a new boat. I needed new instruments and 2 new hatches and this alone ate up 1/3 of my budget. I used Duabak for the whole deck where non skid needed to be and if you have seen a J 29 this means the whole deck. I went with Durabak for a few reasons, I could do it, it covered all the damaged spots and it would be rubber and not let water penetrate all the gelcoat. It made the deck water proof and on a Balsa core boat nothing could be better.

Its now been 4 seasons since I applied Durabak and it still looks Great. I only have 2 spots where it has lifted and they are minor tiny little areas along the edge. It has held up very well and I am still happy with how well it looks and I have never slipped on it.

Cliff J 29 "Turtle Stampede"


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