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I really like my Dutchman

I'm a fan of the Dutchman furl/flake, it is a slick system, although to be honest, I have not used lazy jacks. I didn't find Dutchman that hard to adjust, and once adjusted, it stays adjusted. We have a 46 foot boat, and the sail just flakes down almost on its own and lies there on top of the boom waiting to be tied off. We usually neaten things up as we tie off the stops.

We also have full battens, and I think this works particularly well with Dutchman.

The only thing I need to do is slack off the topping lift when the sail is up, (to keep it from distorting the sail shape) and tension it before the sail goes down (to keep the vertical lines tight which holds the sail right in the middle of the boom.

It does require the sail cover be modified to fit it. That can run up the cost. In my case, I needed a new cover at the same time I got a new sail, (higher stack height) so it was not a huge deal.
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