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DYI Depth Souder Hull Fairing

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Hi all!

Out of and idea sharing spree I'm experiencing :) just thought of sharing another solution I had to come up with, while stuck to a resiliently low budget and a VERY deep vee hulled Piver Nugget trimaran...

The thing was, my depth souder (an Autohelm ST30 bidata with an Airmar transducer, mounted from the inside in the traditional oil filled cup configuration)

was having a hard time providing accurate readings while sailing over under 2m of water.

I've contacted Raymarine and they suggested that I changed my assembly, while keeping all the components, to the more conventional through-hull configuration.

Well, Ok. The thing is my trimaran has a very steep v hull that largely exceeds the 18º allowed for a correct instalation of the forementioned setup.

I had to come up with a solution and here's how I solved the problem, witha little help from Autodesk Inventor:

The fairing itself was built from a block I've cooked out of 25mm pieces of spruce epoxied together, the first piece (where the transducer is fit) being 10mm WBP ply. The hole thing was filled, sanded, faired and finnaly epoxy coated before being fit to Fulô's hull.

Works great now!

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Hi falks,

I have another question. I live in Holland and 1 month ago I bought my first ship. A Jeanneau SunWay 25 with autohelm equipment. But without manuels. I have a Autohelm Wind and a Autohelm Bidata. Where can I download the manuels.

Thankts and greetings.

That's an easy one :)

Autohelm is now Raymarine so you should be able to find what you need here:
Raymarine Marine Electronics - Owner's Manuals

The costumer service is also very efficiente. All the mails I've sent them got answered in less that a couple of hours...
Does the transcuder reads speed also? Because I think the shape of the extension will cause perturbation that will give you false reading... (I may be wrong)
Sorry for not having answered earlier mathurin, but I only saw your post now.

No, my depth transducer is a stand alone unit, the odometer has another transducer which works ok, on a starboard tack or on downwind runs... Because it is assembled on the starboard side ov my V hull it does not work so well upwind...

I guess I could come up with some solution, but I also think it is not worth the work involved, the odometer being little more than a toy to me, unlike the sounder which is a critical piece of equipment here in river waters. I sail, say, 90% of my sailing miles over less than 5m of water.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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