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1.) On the East Coast of USA, ss there a geographic line south where you can keep a boat in the water year round? You know, the Chesapeake gets too cold and the marinas close/seasonal. But where is it warm enough or where are the marinas that keep the boat in water all year. Or, can you keep it in the water all year in the northern chesapeake marinas? Is that bad for the boat? Or do you just winterize the plumbing and keep it in the water?

2.) Do you have any marinas you can recommend that are less expensive than the 'norm' on the upper/northern chesapeake? Say, any in Deltaville VA? How about North Carolina? Any recommendations for reasonable marinas in Oriental?

Reason: I am wanting to buy my next boat this winter - sometime in 1st quarter 2015. But I need somewhere relatively inexpensive to keep it to save costs until I can move aboard in the future, even if it is not close to where i live on the northernmost part of the Chesapeake.

Some say 'wait until ur ready to go and then get the boat' but I want to get it now - i just need to keep it at the most affordable marina i can find between Havre de Grace and Oriental, NC

Any marinas you can recommend?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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