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I am located in Annapolis and my boat stays in the water year round with the help of a bubbler. That is quite common here on the middle Chesapeake. There are a quite a few comparatively inexpensive small marinas around this area where you can store a good sized boat for less than $3k a year.

There are some very inexpensive marinas down near the mouth of the Potomac. One of the nicest little marina's is Olversons Lodge Creek Marina, on the Yeocomico River in Virginia. Olverson's Lodge Creek Marina

It was very reasonably priced, nicely maintained, quite protected, very nice people, and comparatively easy to get into and out of. The downside is that its in the middle of nowhere or at least close to the middle of nowhere. I stashed my boat down there about 10 years ago and used it as jumping off point to explore the necks of Virginia. I draw roughly 6'-6" and they rented me a 40 foot slip which was quite a bit longer than 40 feet and which had an easy approach. They carry diesel and gasoline and advertise that they have a Laundry Facility, Heated Swimming Pool, Wireless Internet, Ice & Soda, Complimentary Bicycles, Restrooms / Shower Facilities, Climate Controlled Community Lounge, and a Picnic Pavilion With Grills, which is whole lot for a small inexpensive marina just to the southeast of the middle of nowhere.

One more point, when last you were here with any regularity you had your sights set on an Island Packet 27. These are really a very poor choice for the U.S. middle Atlantic region since we tend to have predominantly light air (too light for a boat like the I.P. 27) for most of our sailing season which gets rarely punctuated by heavy air, which is also not a strong suite of the I.P. 27. I would suggest that you consider either a boat which sails better than the I.P.27 does in light and heavy air, or else look at a venue like southern Florida which tends to have more breeze than Rhode Island to Georgia.

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