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From what I have been able to find out this would appear to be a David and Goliath story regarding property rights and access rather than an elder abuse issue.
Goliath, The Seattle Yacht Club and Mrs. Cameron being David.
The 84 year old Mrs. Cameron has frequented Cortes Bay ever since she was a child and from what I understand she purchased a piece of property in Cortes Bay back in the 70's. Mrs. Cameron's property borders the clubs property and is surrounded on two sides by the clubs property.
I'm not sure how long the Club has had an outpost there but the clubs property cuts off Mrs. Cameron's access to Red Granite Road. There is a legal easement for her to use so as she can access her property from that road.
I am sure her little piece of paradise has changed greatly ever since the club set up shop.
From what I understand Mrs. Cameron's property was first developed back in the 1930's to the 1940's, long before she owned it.
The well was probably put in where there was water and without much or any concern for property lines. Now that things have gotten a bit busier with the club there her well is more than likely in there way, not to mention her driveway as well.
Of course, cutting off her water is definitely "not" the way to go about this, but who knows what has gone on, or been said over the years.
Mrs. Cameron needs a lawyer not a water maker.
Just my thoughts.
Seems that if she has been maintaining the well for about 40 years one would think she would be covered by adverse possession laws. I agree she needs a lawyer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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